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Legacy Builders Coaching and Consulting is a full service business that provides coaching to individuals or consulting for businesses to discover purpose, be more productive, and increase profit.

Consulting Services

Startup Consulting

If you have an idea but have no clue where to start to make your dream a reality you’ve come to the right place! From conception to implementation, I will help you strategize about the best pathway to pursue and get in the trenches with you to help make your dream a reality. This package includes 2 coaching calls per month. Starting at $500 per month

Operations Consulting

Do you have a business but need the structures in place to be more efficient, effective, and productive? Our Operations Management Consulting package focuses on creating, evaluating, or changing the systems that are necessary to ensure your business reaches its potential. This includes several critical components such as your business plan, financial systems, HR systems, and products/services plan. Starting at $500 a month

Educational Consulting

Do you imagine education differently and want to launch a school OR bring major transformation to a current school or district? We have over a decade of experience in education, specifically in turning around schools and launching schools that reimagine education! If you are passionate about the educational health of the next generation and are looking to create a life-changing educational school, this is the place for you! Starting at $1,000 a month

Coaching Services

Spiritual One-on One Coaching

All spiritual coaching is offered free of charge as I believe that is fundamental to any transformation that may take place in our lives. Spiritual coaching sessions have a max time of 15 minutes per session.

Strategic Planning Facilitation Services

One of the keys to business success is strategic planning. Flying blindly will only take you so far, but true success and legacy starts with having a plan! We offer three options for strategic planning facilitation for your business. Our goal is to assist you by challenging and building your perspective, providing the right tools, and creating a space for imagination and innovation to thrive so that you and your team not only have a large vision, but feasible pathway to your future! 1-hour consultation at $150
Half day session facilitation @ $500
Or full-day session for up 10 people at $1,200 (includes lunch and materials for participants).

Personal Development Coaching

This service can encompass a number of areas including goal-setting, work-life balance, organization, etc. These coaching sessions are designed to help you gain clarity and momentum while ultimately achieving your most important goals. Coaching sessions take place twice per month. Starting at $100 per month.

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